About me  

My name is Bartlomiej Filipek (or Bartek as a shorter version), @fenbf. I am a software developer from a beautiful city Cracow in Southern Poland. This is my technical blog.

I started coding when I was 14 years old (my first book “C++ in 24h”! :)), I got my first real programming job in 2007. Since that moment I gained professional experience in quite a lot of different areas: Native Windows Desktop Apps, OpenGL, Gamedev, BioFeedback games, .NET, Large scale app development, flight planning, and even some graphics driver coding (see my experience on linkedin). During my master’s studies, I also tried to teach other people by creating lectures about OpenGL and gamedev.

Since 2014 I work as a C++ software developer for Xara. My code can be found in advanced document editors from the company, mainly in the Text area. The team is distributed all over Europe, and I work remotely from Cracow.

My Books  

In 2018 I self published my first book!

C++17 In Detail ebook @Leanpub
C++17 In Detail in print @Amazon

And in 2020 there’s another one:

C++ Lambda Story ebook @Leanpub
C++ Lambda Story in print @Amazon

Microsoft MVP  

Since October 2018, I got my first MVP title!


In April 2018, I got a pleasure to be a guest at CppCast. Please watch this episode where I spoke about my blogging schedule, my first book, text formatting and advanced algorithms that we use at Xara, Cracow C++ Group… and more.
Link to the episode: Blogging and Text Processing with Bartłomiej Filipek

Cracow C++ User Group  

I have a pleasure to be a co-organizer of Cracow’s C++ User Group. Here’s our main website:

C++ User Group Krakow (Kraków, Polska) | Meetup

We try to host one meeting per month.

Contact me  

bartek AT cppstories DOT com

I am happy to answer questions about my posts, talk about possible collaboration or just exchange ideas.

About the blog  

Why do I blog?

  • I like creating training materials, and I like teaching. 
  • This place gives me a chance to experiment with new technologies.
  • My work is visible, so I have more motivation to finish projects. 
  • “Teach to learn.”
  • Improve my overall skills

I wrote at a random frequency in the past, but since the beginning of 2016, I tried to be more strict :)

You can expect a few posts per month: on Mondays (every Monday if possible).

Boring stuff, but I need to be clear with this:

© Bartlomiej Filipek, 2022.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Bartlomiej Filipek with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Briefly: If you want to republish some of my articles on other site let me know first.


On this blog, I write about the following things:

  • C++
  • Modern C++: C++11/14/17…
  • Performance optimizations
  • Native coding
  • Programming experiments and hobby projects
  • OpenGL
  • Good software development practices and tips
  • New coding standards
  • Visual Studio
  • Tools
  • Books

If you have ideas about posts you’d like to read, please let me know!


Here is the success list of some articles from the blog:

  1. C++ Status at the end of 2015 - won Best C++ Article of January 2016 (First Prize) @codeproject!
  2. Top 5 Beautiful C++ std Algorithms Examples - won Best C++ Article of December 2014 (First Prize) @codeproject!
  3. Learning Modern OpenGL - won Best C++ Article of May 2014 (Second Prize) @codeproject!
  • Additionally it got over 20k views in the first three days after it was posted. Now it’s around 150k views! (March 2017)

Want to help?  

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