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From time to time, I have the opportunity to create extra content that shows even more C++ features and use cases. Since January 2020, I’ve been running my Patreon page where I share this bonus material with my readers.

In short, by becoming a Patron you can get access to the following material:

Here’s some more detail.

Exclusive Articles

Usually I try to write two exlusive posts per month. Here’s the list of available articles so far:

You can access Public entries for free.

23 Bonus articles published (as of May 2021):

Extended C++20 Reference Card

While you can quickly grab the single-page version of my C++20 Reference Card, there’s also an extended version!

The basic version packs all the new features on one page, but the other one has two pages: the first page for language feature and the second page for the Standard Library changes. It has more features, better examples and a nicer look.

C++20 Ref Card

Here’s the post with the latest update to the C++20 Ref card:

9th September Updates

Lambda Story

All Patrons got immediate access (for free) to my book about Lambda Expressions!

And on the highest tier you can have the book in print for free!

This short book reveals all the aspects of one of the most powerful Modern C++ features. Learn how lambdas evolved, understand how they work and see their future changes.

Lambda Story

You can also buy the book at @Leanpub

Weekly Updates and News

Each week you’ll get an update about the latest articles available on my blog, plans and extra content.

In each Patreon post I also share some news from the C++ World. This way you can be up-to-date with the latest and best articles out there.

PDF Version of Blog Articles

Each week my patrons also get the PDF version of the article that appeared on my site. This is a handy resource if you’d like to read the text offline.

Here’s one example:

PDF: Notes on SFINAE and C++20 Concepts

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