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Title Date Notes
Displaying File Time in C++: Finally fixed in C++20 5th June 2024
std::mdspan in C++23 - 3 - Dynamic Programming 24th Nov 2023
std::mdspan in C++23 - 2 - ops and customization 10th Nov 2023
std::mdspan in C++23 20th Oct 2023
std::span in C++20 5th Oct 2023
static_assert improvements for C++23, always_false idiom 15th Sept 2023 All Tiers!
Monadic Operations for std::optional in C++23 - ~1500 words 11th August 2023 All Tiers!
Understanding Ranges Views and View Adaptors Objects in C++20/C++23 21st June 2023
The ZigZag interview problem in C++ 7th June 2023
Comparing Raw Pointer and unique_ptr Linked List implementation 12th May 2023 All Tiers!
Date Rolling (Including Holidays) with std::chrono and C++20 26th April 2023 All Tiers!
Exploring std::chrono in C++20 - Output and Parsing ~2600 words 12th April 2023
C++23 Ref Card, v075, early version 22th March 2023
Token Iterator and C++20 Custom View 8th March 2023
Early preview - initializer_list caveats and improvements 1st Feb 2023
C++ Events in 2022 28th Dec 2022
Type deduction and initialization, new chapter draft 14th Dec 2022
const vs constexpr vs consteval vs constinit in C++20 23rd Nov 2022
Non regular members, chapter preview 09th Nov 2022
On thread_local variables in C++ 26th Oct 2022
constinit keyword in C++20 12th Oct 2022
20 smaller C++20 features - screen cast, presentation 30th Sept 2022 All Tiers!
Exploring std::chrono in C++20 - Time Zones 14th Sept 2022
Non-local objects, new chapter from the book 31th Aug 2022
Lambdas in C++23 17th Aug 2022
Rules for Special Member Function Generation 20th July 2022 All Tiers!
Containers as data members, chapter preview 13th July 2022
Exploring std::chrono in C++20 - Calendar Types ~2700 words 15th June 2022
Overview of Ranges Algorithms - all parts ~7000 words 13th June 2022 All Tiers!
Exploring std::chrono in C++20 - Clocks and Time Points ~1700 words 18th May 2022
Exploring std::chrono in C++20 - Basics and Durations ~1300 words 4th May 2022
Overview of Ranges Algorithms - 3300 words! 21st April 2022
Applying the Copy and Swap Idiom 6th April 2022 All Tiers!
Fun with printing tables, C++20 and std::format 23rd Mar 2022
C++ Init Book Part 2 (full) preview - new product! 9th Mar 2022
C++ Init Book Part 1 Preview - new product! 23th Feb 2022
std::format internals (~1600 words) 9th Feb 2022
How to format pairs and tuples with std::format (~1450 words) 26th Jan 2022
std::format and Custom Types (~1500 words) 12th Jan 2022 Free
Variadic Function Template and String Conversions 8th Dec 2021
Writing a Custom Iterator for Vector of Vectors, part 2 24th Nov 2021
Writing a Custom Iterator for Vector of Vectors 10th Nov 2021
Overhead of std::optional & Investigation 28th Oct 2021
C++20 Modules in Visual Studio an Example Project Setup 13th Oct 2021
Non-type Template Parameters in C++20 29th Sept 2021 All Tiers!
Revolutionize Code with C++20 - a Brief Overview 16th Sept 2021
constexpr string parsing in C++20 1st Sept 2021
20 Smaller but handy C++20 features (early preview) 18th Aug 2021 All Tiers!
FSM with std::variant - Shopping Cart and optimizations 21st July 2021
Implementing Finite State Machines with std::visit 7th July 2021 All Tiers!
The Balance Parentheses Problem in C++20 constexpr 23rd June 2021
What’s new In C++20 my presentation 9th June 2021
Algorithm composition with Ranges 26th May 2021
Smart Pointers Initialization Speedup in C++20 12th May 2021 All Tiers!
Updated Smart Pointers Ref Cards 28th April 2021
Unit Testing in Compiler Explorer 14th April 2021
Designated Initializers in C++20 31st Mar 2021 Free
Strong Types Example 17th Mar 2021
Utilities And Projections - C++17/C++20 3rd Mar 2021
Trie Implementation part 4, Performance 17th Feb 2021 All Tiers!
Trie Implementation part 3 9th Dec 2020 All Tiers!
Trie Implementation part 2 25th Nov 2020 All Tiers!
Trie Implementation part 1 11th Nov 2020 Free
std::invoke compile time overhead 28th Oct 2020
Experiments with C++20 Ranges 14th Oct 2020
Lambda can be 6.6x faster to compile than std::bind! 7th Oct 2020
Safe Integral Comparison Functions in C++20 30th Sept 2020
Pointer to boolean conversions in C++20 9th Sept 2020
Extended “6 Efficient Things You Can Do to Refactor…” 2nd Sept 2020
C++ attributes, from C++11 to C++20 (~2100 words) 29th July 2020 Free
[[likely]] and [[unlikely]] - two new attributes from C++20 8th July 2020
[[no_unique_address]] and Empty Base Class Optimisation 24th June 2020 Free
Dynamic memory allocation in constexpr context 27th May 2020 Free
string::starts_with()/ends_with and std::erase_if() 29th April 2020
Lambda Updates in C++20 15th April 2020 All Tiers!
Introduction to Concepts 1st April 2020 All Tiers!
Concepts Extra Examples 25th Mar 2020 All Tiers!

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C++20 Ref Card

Here’s the post with the latest update to the C++20 Ref card:

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Bonus: Extended C++20 Ref Card November Update

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Lambda Story

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In June 2022 I released another book called “C++ Initialization Story”

Throughout this text, you will learn practical options to initialize various categories of variables and data members in Modern C++. More specifically, this text teaches multiple types of initialization, constructors, non-static data member initialization, inline variables, designated initializers, and more. Additionally, you’ll see the changes and new techniques from C++11 to C++20 and lots of examples to round out your understanding.

C++ Initialization Story

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PDF: Notes on SFINAE and C++20 Concepts

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