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Hello there! My name is Bartek and this is my personal blog. I write mostly about native coding in C++.

You can read more about the blog itself in the About page. Here I’d like you give you a quick start of top stories that you might want to read first:


I use C++ on a daily basis, so that’s why it dominates my blog posts.


Mega long article, with all of the features, with a little description and examples: C++17 Features

The first series about the features:

The Second series about the STL changes:

Other C++ Articles


At the end of the year I write about C++ status. It’s my summary of events that happened in a particular year, compiler support of modern features, the standard updates, new features.

OpenGL & GPU



Flexible Particle System

I’ve always wanted to create efficient and easy to use particle system. I’ve described my attempts to do it in the following series:

Book Reviews


Blogging and stats