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It’s summer! Hmm… actually it’s summer for almost one month now. This time, I don’t want to write about something heavy and related to programming. Let’s make a little summary of the first part of the year.. and also, I have a question to you - can you help me a bit?


The first part of the year was quite successful for Code And Graphics. First of all, I got new motivation to start blogging! After my little kid was born in April 2015 I found less and less time to do other activities. But near the end of the year, I got some new powers, reorganize things and decided to resurrect my blog. As a result, I wrote C++ Status at the end of 2015. It got a really good reception!

From that time I decided to make an experiment: write something every two weeks. It was quite an ambitious task, to be honest. Previously I wrote when I had some really interesting stuff and motivation. But this experiment was a good choice. There was no problem for me to find new topics to write (and of course I had a lot of ideas in my backlog). What’s more important: the schedule motivated me to really write and create. I highly encourage you to do the same if you struggle with similar problems. Just create a plan and try to stick with it.

Some Stats  

1st January 2016 till 1st July 2016:

  • Visits: 233 213
  • Unique visitors: 89 536

Best Posts  

Coding without Google

This was a really huge surprise for me. Instead of writing about technical stuff, I just wrote a bit of my story plus some thoughts about workflow… and it got huge attention. In one day it was viewed around 80k times! On my stats, it’s an outlier result.

The Matrix Updated

In the above post, I’ve gone and dug out a very old project, written in Allegro Game Library. The code was a bit updated, so at least I could run in on modern hardware and OS.

C++ Status at the end of 2015

As usually, I try to make a C++ status update at the end of a year. This was my first post after the break so I was really happy to see that people want to read it. Thanks!

Some other posts:

  • 11 Debugging Tips That Will Save Your Time - it took me a lot of time to prepare that list of tips. A lot of work, but eventually a quite nice reception.
  • Custom Deleters for C++ Smart Pointers - inspired by struggling with the introduction of smart pointers to some legacy code. It was good enough to land as a separate story and a blog post.
  • Notes on C++ SFINAE - a huge amount of work, lots of investigation, lots of learning. But I am glad to finalize this post. It was done in several months!

Can you help?  

In order to improve this blog, I need some help from your side. I’ve prepared several questions so that I can better understand your preferences and expectations.

Link to the survey


Thanks for reading this blog in the first half of the year (+ one month)!

I’ll plan to take some time off, but I promise to return in the beginning of September with more articles, tutorials, and good programming stories.
I am also thinking about changing the time the post appears. Now it’s every second Thursday, but I’ll probably change it to every second Monday.

Please add your answers in my survey so I can serve even better content.

Best regards