Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 12th and 18th of January 2019.

In this week you may find the final answer how to get the size of the file, article describing few examples with Ranges and many more!

  1. Short description of C++17 std::scoped_lock, defined in header

  2. Really nice article from Batłomiej Filipek showing different ways of getting filesize, including C++17 std::filesystem:

  3. In this week Rainer Grimm describes C++ Core Guidelines rules about compile-time programming:

  4. New C++ Weekly episode - Jason continues with exploring C++20 lambdas, he shows how some of the expression with lambda can be simplified:

  5. Nice article, that shows a few examples of how to use Eric Niebler’s Ranges:

  6. Guest post on Jonathan Boccara blog: how to use scoped enums for indexing:

  7. Arne Mertz explains what is the PIMPL idiom and shows example implementation:

  8. Two posts from Arthur O’Dwyer, he tries to address why in concept library sometimes you may use “requires requires”:

  9. Jonathan Boccara is showing an interesting example of how to write complicated if-statements expressively.

  10. New CppCast from Rob Irving & Jason Turner - interview with Kris Jusiak, about two Boost libraries: DI (Dependency Injection) & SML (State Machine Language):

Extra 1: There are more and more videos from Meeting C++:

Extra 2: There are also new lectures from code::dive available:

The links are brought to you by Wojciech Razik.
Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a robot. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
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