Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 2nd and 8th of March 2019.

This week you will find links to articles about accepted Modules proposal, a great MSVC improvement that is reducing binaries with C++ exceptions by 20% and many more!

  1. New C++ Weekly episode from Jason Turner. He explained why we should never overload operators && and ||:

  2. Jonathan Boccara is showing how to apply function for all elements in the container. He is showing how to do that with fold expressions and nice trick with std::initializer_list:

  3. Rainer Grimm explains what a template parameter is, what it can be, and why we need to have template keyword before a dependent name:

  4. Kona Trip report from Corentin, he is focused on describing Modules and Coroutines proposals:

  5. vector-of-bool wrote a summary about the current Modules proposal that was accepted in Kona. They are not dead-on-arrival!

  6. Two interesting posts from Arthur O’Dwyer. In first he describes exciting proposal called Expansion Statements, it will allow for construction: for... (auto arg : pack) , for... (constexpr int i : array) and for... (auto arg : tuple).
    The second article is about the difference between creating an object with std::make_shared and std::shared_ptr:

  7. Another trip Report from Kona - not only classical Modules & Coroutines description but also Contracts, Initialization, Aggregates, CTAD, Audio & more:

  8. Interesting article about how to use {fmtlib} from Wojciech Gamuła:

  9. Jonathan Boccara is showing algorithms that can operate on std::tuple:

  10. New CppCast episode - interview with Kirk Shoop, about Kona meeting, asynchronous programming, RxCpp library and the future of Executors in C++.

  11. Microsoft team did something amazing! They were able to reduce binary that is using exceptions for about 20%:

  12. Interesting article about one of the most popular design pattern - factory:

Extra 1: Microsoft makes his calculator open-source!

Extra 2: Meeting C++ team have a great blogroll, and as everyone knows there is no such thing as “too much C++ content”:

The links are brought to you by Wojciech Razik.
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