It’s almost the end of the year! As usual, I started writing my “year” summary that I will publish on the 31st of December.

Yet, this article won’t be possible without your input!

I have a survey with just nine questions about C++ and your experience in 2021.


  • C++ Standard used
  • Your experience with C++17, C++20
  • Compiler used
  • IDE and tools
  • Best thing that happened

It should take no more than 5 minutes :)

Please note that this survey is not an official ISO C++ survey. It’s solely for the blog.


There’s also a giveaway for those of you who take part in the survey! I have 5x gift cards, 10$ Each, selected randomly. See at the end of the survey how to enter and get a chance to win.

Winners should already get emails from with a gift card!

The Survey  

The survey is over!

Thank you for all your votes!

See the report from 2021 here:

C++ at the end of 2021 - C++ Stories