In September and October, I had the pleasure of running two meetings about C++20 features for my local Cracow C++ User Group!

Here are the slides and additional comments from the presentation.

The Talk  

Initially I did one presentation using my article on smaller C++ 20 features (20 Smaller yet Handy C++20 Features - C++ Stories). Thanks to many valuable discussions during the talk, we decided to do a split. The first meeting was about language parts, and the second part was about library changes.

While the list of topics is in a similar order as the article, I made a few changes:

  • There’s a constinit slide with more examples instead of the Default Bitfield initializers.
  • More examples of various features
  • Additional links and references

The Slides  

Here are the slides @Xara:


You can also have a look at my YT channel (the C++ Stories YT channel) and see the shorter version of the presentation (around 1 hour): 20 smaller C++20 features (Improved audio) - YouTube.


Please join our meetup page if you want to hear more from the Cracow User Group.