Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 29th September and 5th of October.

In this week you will find two trip reports from CppCon, an article about std::any (aka modern void*), a video about std::fmt library and many more!

  1. Registration for code::dive - biggest C++ conference in Poland - is open! Sean Parent, Dan Saks, Odin Holmes and many more world class C++ gurus. It’s super cheap - less than 7$! The conference takes place in Wrocław, 7&8th November 2018.

  2. First report trip from CppCon - from Rainer Grimm, he shortly describes the content of the most interesting talks:

  3. A new episode of C++ Weekly from Jason Turner - he shows practical usage of string formatting library fmtlib:

  4. 5th post in series about the mathematics behind comparison from Jonathan Mueller. In this episode, he shows practical examples of using three-way comparisons in ordering algorithms.

  5. Post from Jonathan Boccara - when to use and why references (including std::reference_wrapper), pointers and optional references:

  6. Article on MSVS blog from Casey Carter about std::any - better version of void* :) It describes differences between std::any, void* and shared_ptr<void>.

  7. Another CppCon trip report - this time from the JetBrains team:

  8. New CppCast episode - in this episode Jason Turner and Rob Irving talking about CppCon (kind of mini-trip-report), then they do lightning interviews with CppCon Lightning Talkers:

  9. Post from Jonathan Boccara about optional references - they are allowed in boost::optional but not in C++17 std::optional. Jonathan talks with the author of boost::optional, Fernando Cacciola about pros and cons of such solution:

  10. A new tip from the Google/Abseil team - this time about using (or not using) using-directives:

Bonus 1: summary of the contest “most awful, surprising, horrific, inventive, well-formed C++ construct you can fit in a tweet”:

Bonus 2: You can track the CppCon Youtube Channel where more and more videos from the latest edition start to appear!

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