Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 6th and 12th of October.

Today you will find a link to Core Guidelines rules about Concepts, a long article about C++17 class template deduction and a video that shows how inline keyword is taken into account by the compiler.
At the end, you will also find a bonus!

  1. New post from Rainer Grimm, after last introduction to metaprogramming, today he writes about the most desirable C++20 feature - Concepts. C++ Core Guidelines already have rules about Concepts and Rainer describes a few of them in the article. Remember that current C++ Standard working draft already contains Concepts!

  2. C++ Weekly from Jason Turner: he describes what “inline” keyword means for the compiler:

  3. Jonathan Boccara shows a technique useful for understanding code: counting words in code, like calculating the number of occurrences of each word in a given piece of code.

  4. How to avoid issues during a daylight-saving transition. New addition to the abseil library that makes it easier to convert between timezones, civil times and absolute time.

  5. Post from Arne Mertz - he shows how to call C code from C++ using extern "C":

  6. Article on the Microsoft blog about C++17 feature - class template argument deduction. The introduction covers some common cases and there is also a section for experts with corner cases!

  7. Post from Jonathan - he present mini-project that count words from a text:

  8. Here is the place for delayed CppCast. It’s not there yet because of hurricane Michael…

Bonus 1: If you like C++ quizzes and you already solve everything from cppquiz.org - here you can find more challenging questions:

Bonus 2: You can track the CppCon Youtube Channel where more and more videos from the latest edition start to appear!

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Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a robot. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
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