Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 5th and 11th of January 2019.

This week you will link to post about over complicated initialisation of the variables, link to an article that checks which STL header it’s the longest being parsed and many more!

  1. Mike Lui wrote a post criticising C++ initialisation of the variables:

  2. Article from Rainer Grimm - as usual, he discusses C++ Core Guidelines rules, this time he is focused on template metaprogramming (e.g. type-traits)

  3. Corentin asked general questions about C++, about its direction etc. You will not find the answer for most of them, but it might be worth considering:

  4. Someone did measure, how long takes to parse headers from STL, results below:

  5. New C++ Weekly - introduction how lambda will change in C++20, no real-life example yet:

  6. Another guest post on fluentcpp - this time JFT is presenting simple library for formatting string cases:

  7. Paul Keir shows swap implementation for any number of arguments:

  8. Small but interesting example of how to use constructor from the base class with “using” keyword:

  9. Video from Copper Spice team - everything about C++ inheritance (including corner cases like Diamond problem)

  10. New CppCast episode - interview with Arthur O’Dwyer, about ISO C++ Meeting, his “Trivially Relocatable” and more:

Extra 1: First Videos of Meeting C++ are online!

The links are brought to you by Wojciech Razik.
Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a robot. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
If you know Polish, take a look at cpp-polska.pl where Wojtek is one of the co-authors.