Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 1st and 7th of December.

In this week you will find a link with learning resources from SG20 Education, article about optimising C++ code and many more!

  1. C++17 adds another way of converting characters to numbers, method std::from_chars, faster alternative to std::atoi, std::atol and similar. Bartłomiej Filipek wrote a nice article about it:

  2. New post from Rainer Grimm - he explains argument-dependent lookup:

  3. C++ Weekly - Jason Turner shows another interesting compiler attributes, pure & const:

  4. Guest post on the fluentcpp blog: author of fmt formatting library, Victor Zverovich, wrote an article about formatting strings using different techniques:

  5. Eric Niebler wrote a post about the recent merging of Ranges. He goes through its features, and shares plan for future:

  6. Great article about how to optimize code in C++, by Iurii Krasnoshchok:

  7. Arthur O’Dwyer wrote a post about const_iterator, he gives few examples why it’s bad:

  8. Finally - first outcome from SG20 Education Group. Recommendation of most important C++ Conference Videos, all of them are worth watching!

  9. New CppCast episode - interview with Denis Bakhalov from Intel compiler team, he describes how work inside compiler team looks like, how ICC is benchmarked and many more:

  10. Article from Jonathan - about algorithms on ranges:

  11. A video podcast from cppchat team, with Bjarne itself:

Extra: C++ Poll for December 4th 2018, New Expression and Size Conversions - Shafik Yaghmour’s Blog

Extra 1: Meeting C++ Blogroll 169

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