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Last week was an important milestone for my book: it got a print version available at Amazon! In this post, I’ll share some details behind the event and the plans.

The Print (on Demand)  

Since March 2019, I’ve been testing a few platforms that offer print on demand. One book came from, and others from Amazon KDP. And I decided to stick with the latter.

The KDP program is quite easy to use. You upload a manuscript, then the cover pdf (or you can use their simple builtin editor) and then you go through the review process. The system shows some potential errors (like symbols outside the print margins), or some unwanted artefacts. Several times I also ordered proof copies so I could see the almost final version.

Here are some pictures of the internals:

C++17 in Detail

And another one:

C++17 in Detail
And here’s the back cover:

C++17 in Detail, back cover

And of course, Amazon has a super-wide market share, so it’s easier to sell books through that platform. It’s also not the cheapest…

For example, my book contains 378 pages, and it costs 5.39$ to print, then Amazon takes an additional 40% or even 60% (for the extended distribution option). Unless I sell hundreds of thousands of copies, I won’t be a millionaire :)

Where to buy?  

Here’s the link to the US shop:

Here are the links to all Amazon stores where the book is available:


If you own the ebook version, last week you should also get a notification about a book update. So the books are now in sync.

List of changes in this update:

  • lots of smaller wording, description changes for the print copy (special thanks to Daniel Khoshnoudirad and Rob Stewart for help!)
  • extended section about aligned new() support, with extra examples
  • index at the end of the book (but without clickable page numbers, which is a current limitation of Leanpub)

Book Mentions  

So far, the book was mentioned in several places.

Skillsoft Subscribers  

If you (probably through some company account) have access to Skillsoft library, then you should be able to find my book there!

C++17 in Detail @ Skillsoft

Interactive Course  

C++17 In Detail Educative

Thanks to the collaboration with the team @Educative we published C++17 in Detail as an interactive course!
You can see it… and even preview it for free here:
>> C++17 in Detail: A Deep Dive

It consists of 200 lessons, many quizzes, code snippets… and what’s best is that it has more than 120 playgrounds! That means you can compile and edit code sample directly in the browser… so there’s no need for you to switch back and forth to some compiler/IDE.
I think that such an approach increases your learning experience.

The Plans  

The book is now complete. I might do some smaller updates, but they will be mostly related to polishing the content, wording.

I’m aware that I skipped a few things during the writing process. For example I haven’t mentioned anything about updates to aggregate initialisation (P0017), shared_mutex, std::launder, Hardware Interference sizes, std::invoke… and probably a few other smaller types and functions. I might cover them in separate blog posts.

Now I need to “close” this chapter a bit and focus on new things related to C++20! I hope to gather the experience from C++17 in Detail and build a solid foundation for my new projects :)

Your Feedback  

I appreciate your initial feedback and support! The book has now almost 1500 readers (and only nine refunds)!

Let me know what’s your experience with the book. What would you like to change? What would you like to see more?

Add your feedback/review here:

You can use this comment site:

Or forum:


Till the end of September, the book has a quite low price - only 25.99$ (Amazon US, and other book stores proportionally).

As you see, this price is even lower than the suggested price for ebook version (more or less it’s the minimal price at Leanpub + printing costs).
Since October this price will be increased to around 32$

Buy the book here: