It’s almost the end of the year! As usual, I started writing my “year” summary that I will publish on the 31st of December.

The survey has completed, thank your for 649 votes!

Stay tuned for the annual summary article on Dec 31st!

Yet, this article won’t be possible without your input! Last year you gave me 782 responses, can we beat this number this time? :)

I have a survey with just nine questions about C++ and your experience in 2022.

Some of the topics to cover:

  • C++ Standard used
  • Your experience with C++17, C++20.. or maybe C++23?
  • Compiler used
  • IDE and tools
  • Best thing that happened

It should take no more than 5 minutes :)

Please note that this survey is not an official ISO C++ survey. It’s solely for the blog.


There’s also a giveaway for those of you who take part in the survey! I have 5x gift cards, 12$ Each, selected randomly. See at the end of the survey how to enter and get a chance to win.

The Survey  

The survey is valid till 28th December 2022 (I need a couple of days to process it and publish the final blog post).

Here’s the link to Google Forms:

Or click below:


Or Fill below:

Thank you!