Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 23rd February and 1st of March 2019.

This week we have a massive update on the upcoming C++ Standard - Kona Meeting reports. Then you can also read about the history of lambdas, about smart iterators and more.

Here’s the list:

  1. The Winter ISO C++ Committee Meeting has just ended. C++20 is now feature complete!. Great news came from Kona! Most importantly - we will have modules and coroutines in C++20! A detailed report can be found on Reddit:

  2. Kona trip report from Herb Sutter - additional information about committee progress. To sum up: C++20 will be big as C++11 - Concepts, Ranges, Modules, Coroutines and more!

  3. Bartłomiej Filipek wrote a post about lambda: its history, many interesting details (capturing statics, globals, class members…). I would call it “Everything you want to know about lambda”. And… It’s only the first part!

  4. This week Jason Turner on C++ Weekly shares information about C++ conferences from around the world:

  5. Jonathan Boccara continues the series about smart iterators. In this week he published two articles:

  6. Rainer Grimm writes about Misconceptions and Surprises regarding templates. For example about related types and inheritance:

  7. A New number of Overload magazine is available! Inside you will find a few interesting articles - e.g. why you shouldn’t use std::endl, 5 reasons why std::mutex sucks:

  8. Jonathan Müller shares a guide about special member function. When to write copy constructors, move operator… the rule of zero and more:

  9. This week Jason and Rob talk with Peter Bindels about the Kona meeting.

Extra 1: All videos from Meeting C++ are finally available!

The links are brought to you by Wojciech Razik.
Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a robot. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
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